Every day the programmer will send you the updated timesheet with details of the work that has been done. The daily task update and the server uploads will match with the amount of work spent on the particular day. More Over the Developer will be available in Skype or Google talk for video calling and phone support during the work hours.

How I Ensure Quality Programmers ?

All our programmers are in-house and has undergone strict Hiring and Training mechanism. This makes sure the programmers are qualified and periodically we test their abilities and help them out in learning new technologies and getting updated

What Project Management Tool You Use ?

We use bugzilla and Mantis along with Request Tracker for easy tracking of tasks. Clients can make use of our system and have good track of the project deliverables.

How Will The Communication Works?

Email, Phone, IMs (Skype and Google talk Video Calling). Request Tracker, mantis and Bugzilla for Project communication

How Does Full-Time Hiring Works?

The Developer is dedicated to you. He will be reporting to you on daily basis and executing the tasks list provided by you. They work 24 days a month which ranges from 180 - 200 hours of monthly time.
All the project management control lies with you.
Working hours will be 9:30 AM to 7 PM IST
All bills will be provided beforehand the hiring period and any non usage of hours in the particular month will be carried forward to the next month

Do You Work Hourly Hiring?

Yes we do work on Hourly basis. You will be billed on the number of hours the service is utilized. It is popularly mentioned as Time and material model


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